Data about people, companies and products gathered in a single place.

BigBoost is an API that brings together all the data from people, companies and products spread over the internet. From basic registration data to exclusive information sets, BigBoost meets all your information needs.

Try it: 500 free requests per month, every month!

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We are the most advanced data platform in Brazil, providing data with ethics and security.

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Data about hundreds of millions of people, companies and products from all over the world.

Big Boost

Solve your problems with data via an API

BigBoost is the modern tool for data consumption. Watch this video and understand more about the product that helps companies incorporate quality information to their processes.


From basic registration data, such as name, CPF (Individual Taxpayer Registration Number) and e-mail, to proprietary information sets, such as consumer behavior, BigBoost data catalog covers all your company’s needs when it comes to people data.

From basic data, such as address and CNPJ (Federal Tax ID Number), to exclusive data, such as estimated revenues and partner relationship: BigBoost covers all your needs for company data.

From the simplest data (such as the presence in different websites, prices and images), to the most complex ones (such as the average discount offered for a certain product), all the information you need about products is available to your company through a single API.


Getting information has never been so easy!

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Unified API to return data simply and quickly.

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Over 50 data sets, combined by theme, for access.

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Perform punctual or in batches, synchronous or asynchronous requests, through the same API.

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Get answers to requests in less than 1 second.

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No limit for simultaneous requests.

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Over 2 billion requests answered per month.

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Validate telephone numbers, e-mails, names, and many other fields syntactically and semantically in a single API call.

Consult information by multiple keys: documents, names, addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, URLs, and much more.

Fully self-service API: at each call, you choose the input Keys and the features you will receive at the output.

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Over 5000 features of companies and people available for consultation.

Try it: 500 free requests per month, every month!


Cases using BigBoost:

Auto-filling registration data fields

Use our API to validate in real time the information typed by the user, and complete the necessary data, on the page itself or directly on your CRM, without having to ask for filling it out. This way, you reduce friction and simplify customers’ life, by reducing dropout and abandonment rates.

Data cleaning, correction and update

Validate, correct and update the information of any base, list or system, by adjusting information that was filled incorrectly, completing blank fields, and confirming customers’ data. Always ensure that your CRM, ERP or any other system has the best data.

Improvements to your credit, risk and fraud models

Add to your models thousands of alternative data and behavioral features, on-line and off-line, about people and companies, improving the assertiveness of your statistic models. Increase the approval rates and reduce risks with the power of Big Data.

Complete mapping of your customers’ profile

Complete the information you already have about your customers with our unique behavioral features, by better understanding who are your customers and how you can find other people or similar companies. Expand your knowledge about your customer base and your market.

AML, KYC and regulatory compliance

Use data with the highest quality and update levels to perform your know-your-client processes and fill out all the information the regulatory bodies request without bothering customers and without uncertainties. Be sure and calm onboarding any individual or company.

Fully automated product data collection

Track and monitor all features in any product, both in e-commerce and different marketplaces, by consulting the products datasets. Access traditional and alternative data on the most different product types in a simple and quick way.

And the best is you pay only for the requests made, not worrying about termination penalties and minimum agreement term.

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Control, in each call, which features you want to receive, optimizing your costs.

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Receive answers in real time, to meet the most rigorous demands.

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Access data safely, with the latest access control standards and a complete audit log.

Integrate our APIs directly in any system, automatizing and optimizing processes.

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Manage your consumption dynamically, defining consumption limits and verifying how much has already been used.

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Solutions that use information to its fullest potential in favor of your business:



Smart anti-fraud: fast, simple and 100% automatic.



Collection of historical series and alternative market indicators.

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Data about people, companies and products gathered in a single place.

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Smart anti-fraud: fast, simple and 100% automatic.



Collection of historical series and alternative market indicators.