All of our information is identified, non-sensitive and public.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on its use, application, commercialization, treatment, or anything else, as long as the provisions of the Law are complied with.

We are the only company in the market that is able to prove that our data comes from public sources.

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We eliminate any concerns you may have with LGPD or other similar legislations.

The Nature of Data

Understanding LGPD classifications

LGPD defines 3 axes of data classification: (1) Anonymous or Identified: anonymous data is data that cannot be linked to an individual. All others are identified. (2) Public or Private: public data is data that has been made available by the individual himself or by an authorized institution. All others are private. (3) Sensitive or Non-Sensitive: sensitive data is defined in a specific way in law. Everything else is non-sensitive. - LGPD restrictions and consent requirements are focused on private and sensitive information.

The Roles of the Company

We are data controllers and operators

Data controller

For the data collected, treated and traded by us. We have the obligation to offer individuals all the access and control mechanisms provided by law, as well as to ensure that all information has the proper protection level foreseen in the law.


We operate the data we receive from our customers. We have the obligation to follow the rules and criteria for data treatment defined by our final customers. For this type of data, the customers themselves must address any need for consent.

100% Public Data

We guarantee the public source of the delivered data

We store the original content collected in our whole collection process (HTMLs, PDFs, text files, and any other), and we can provide that material when demanded, proving the public source of the data. In addition, our data collection process is fully traceable, and allows any website owner to identify the moment when we accessed it.