By using the power of data, we expand opportunities for different markets

By using BigDataCorp products, companies in the most diverse segments can enrich different processes with quality data, better understand their market and consumers, identify and validate their customers’ identity, reduce losses with frauds and much more! Explore by vertical and understand where we can help.

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We have the largest and most complete data catalog on the market.

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Data about hundreds of millions of people, companies and products from all over the world.


Purchase by area: solutions in data for different segments.


Data about customers, suppliers and products to optimize your business.


Data that help you develop a scalable company driven by data.

Insurance Companies

Data that improves your risk analysis process.


Data that brings greater tranquility in your relationship with clients and professionals.


Data that brings you more simplicity, agility and sales conversions.

Benefit Programs

Data that simplifies your relationship with users.

Financial Enterprises

Data that optimizes your decision-making processes.

Payment Options

Data that helps you follow the rules without adding complexity.


Data that is ready to help you in the digital disruption of the financial market.

Credit Bureaus

Data that puts an end to your concerns about the source and quality of information.

Utilities and Telcos

Data that solves your registration problems and reduces your risks.


Data that shows where the market is going to and helps you get there.


If you prefer, explore our products:



Data about people, companies and products gathered in a single place.

BigBoost is an API that brings together all the data about people, companies and products that is spread over the internet. From basic registration data to exclusive information sets, it takes care of your data needs.



Smart anti-fraud: fast, simple and 100% automatic.

BigID is the best anti-fraud in the market. With it, you can increase sales conversion and registrations not endangering safety, in a process that brings different technologies together: Questionnaire, OCR, Facematch and BackgroundCheck.



A collection of historical series and alternative market indicators.

BigMarket is a complete collection of historical series and alternative market indicators developed from unique data collected and processed by BigDataCorp.